Video Production

Video production services that will help your business succeed and don't break the bank.


Every video (regardless of length) should tell a story. That’s why we hire aspiring filmmakers! Our team approaches everything from a storyteller’s point of view and our video production quality rocks.

With Video Production, SCREEN SIZE MATTERS

Because of cell phones, video marketing has changed significantly in the past decade. Now, videos get viewed across many different devices and platforms. Our video editors deliver different types of videos specific to the platform (or device) necessary to reach your target audience. So whether you’re looking for corporate videos, social media video content, or need new TV spots, we can help.


In 2012, we had a strong opinion that video production was overpriced. So we started producing videos for our traditional advertising clients and immediately realized that video projects could be affordable.

We streamlined the pre-production and post-production process and started cranking out professional videos. Typically, our video production process only requires one camera operator.

Unlike most production companies, we’re not going to produce a TV spot like a feature film. That cuts out a ton of waste and, in turn, saves you a boatload of money. In addition, video creation doesn’t require special effects or a huge budget. As a result, our clients get successful videos, a win/win for all!

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