Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

All the fancy terms and acronyms wrapped up into one fixed fee. We’re a full-service digital agency that operates under a monthly retainer. Truly an all-in-one approach.

The Digital Marketing Retainer

Piecing together digital marketing services a-la-cart works just fine for some businesses. Under our all-in-one retainer, we do ALL the heavy lifting, so all you have to do is read a monthly report. Our typical retainer services include:

  • SEO + Blogging
  • Social Media Management + Content Creation
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Website Design/Maintenance
  • Monthly Reporting

It’s easy, done right, and worth every penny. You’re basically getting access to an entire marketing team for around the same price you’d pay one full-time employee.

Other Digital Services

Paid Social Media Advertising and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are services we recommend to (almost) all of our clients. The content we create needs additional promotion to “push” it to the masses. We do all Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Ads in-house. Not only does this allow us to better control the quality, but it also saves our clients a lot of money because we’re not paying third-party fees.

Important: Read This

If you’re a business owner looking to hire an agency, you’re probably trying to assess each agency to determine what sets them apart. For us, it is three things:

  1. The number of services we cram into our retainer
  2. Our commitment to getting affordable, high-quality content (video, photography, graphic images, etc.)
  3. Our hustle. You simply won’t find an agency who’ll work harder for you

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