Podcast: Advertising During the Coronavirus


It’s been a hectic week here at Agency501. In our first podcast, we’re addressing the thing we’ve all been talking about: the coronavirus. NOBODY knows what things will look like days, weeks, or months from now. What we do know is that there are some essential points every business needs to address. In this episode, we discuss the following:

  • Acknowledge what’s going on by telling. This is NOT business as usual. Tell your audience how you’re responding, the steps you’re taking to keep them safe, solutions as to how you can help them, and how they can best contact you.
  • Get creative with your service. Again, this is not business as usual. Get creative with how you serve your clients and be accomodating.
  • There is plenty of opportunity out there (for the bold). Over the next few weeks, there will be unprecedented viewership levels on local TV, and nearly every American will be home. The opportunity to reach people via local TV, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube will be huge.
  • MARKET SHARE WILL BE GAINED! But, it will be for the bold. People may not be buying, but they WILL be shopping. You may not benefit from this immediately, but you’d be wise to use this opportunity to build massive retargeting lists (through Facebook & Youtube) that will serve you well in the months to come.
  • Don’t be opportunistic or insensitive. People are sick. They’re also scared. Do the right thing and don’t prey on those suffering during this time.

We sincerely hope this podcast helps you navigate through this confusing time. Good luck out there, and stay safe!



The Agency501 Team


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Podcast: Advertising During the Coronavirus

Podcast It's been a hectic week here at Agency501. In our first podcast, we're addressing the thing we've all been talking about: the coronavirus. NOBODY knows what things will look like days, weeks, or months from now. What we do know is that there are some essential...

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